Fall 2015 Hair Color Defined

Fall 2015 Hair Color Defined

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Fall 2015 Hair Color Defined

Balayage? Bronde? Ombré?  Sombré? What do they all mean? There are so many hair color terms floating around this fall. No one expects you to be a professional when you call to make a color appointment but here’s a little cheat sheet to help out. Below are the top fall 2015 color trends defined:


When you see the colorist at the chair next to you meticulously painting every strand of hair with bleach, that is balayage. In French, the word means sweeping or scanning. It’s just a myth that balayage always looks more natural than a foil highlight. You shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a good balayage and a good foil.


Is she blonde or brunette? No one really knows. That’s why colorist created a term just for that middle space — bronde. It is best described as taking a woman with dark blonde or light brown hair and adding a layer of highlights.

Ombré (and Dip Dye)

Ombré is the hair color trend that is dark at the roots and lighter on the tips. One reason we think it won’t ever die — every summer women want sun-kissed color that is dark at the roots and lighter on the tips because it’s so low maintenance. It’s like a beachy brunette, pretty and subtle. Then’s there’s dip dye. Dip dye is the most extreme form of ombré. There is a clear demarcation where one color ends and the other begins. This high-contrast technique is definitely for the more bold client.


Best described as subtle + ombré.  It’s a mix of typical ombré with babylights. There are some highlights near the roots, but the majority of the color is still at the ends.